Advocacy, Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Your Voice Can Save Lives

Today, on All Soul’s Day we commemorate the faithful departed. As Catholics, we believe that we can help the souls of those who have gone before us by offering prayers and deeds on behalf of those who have died. We can also act to prevent future needless deaths due to hunger, preventable diseases, lack of water and sanitation, conflict and natural disasters. Today is your chance to tell your Senators that you care about our nation’s efforts to support poor and marginalized communities around the world.

The U.S. Senate is expected to consider a range of appropriations bills this week that could include funding levels for poverty-focused international assistance. Life-saving poverty-focused international assistance that fights hunger, disease and poverty makes up less than 1 percent of the U.S. federal budget. However, proposals in Congress would drastically cut this assistance to people in dire need. Join the urgent call to protect poor and vulnerable communities around the world

Urge your Senators to maintain the Senate Appropriations Committee-proposed funding levels for international humanitarian and development assistance in the FY 2012 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill and to oppose any amendments that would cut poverty-focused international assistance. Your action is particularly important because the funding levels for FY 2012 will set the stage for funding levels over the next decade. Poverty-focused international assistance doesn’t have a large, vocal constituency unless you speak up now. Cutting less than 1% of the federal budget will not balance the budget or solve the deficit but it will cost lives.

Call 1-866-596-7030 or send an e-mail now.

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