Your Best Christmas Gift?

This Christmas, if you were allowed to give one gift that you otherwise could not afford, what would it be and to whom would you give it?

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30 Responses to “Your Best Christmas Gift?”

  1. Margie Tomlinson Says:

    First, I would look at my giving to others.
    a. My parish which has to rebuild it’s steeple which can be seen for miles in the City of Chicago
    b. CRS
    c. The local food pantry which has such a surge of people in the suburbs without food security
    d. Catholic Charities Chicago

  2. Joanne Says:

    The gift I would give is the money for a group of catholic sisters to complete their domitory for orphaned and street boys and to move their headquarters to have access to the needed communication for their future growth and safety.

  3. Ethel Ware Carter Says:

    I would give a house this Christmas to 6 girls who have been vitims of child prostitution. It would not be in some beautiful rural setting but in a busy city neighborhood where the girls would not feel like oddities. It would come equipped with a set of house parents who enjoy young people and are prepared for the theraputic care these girls will need. There would be a little yard for some flowers or maybe just sun bathing. There would be a house of worship nearby where the girls are welcomed not pitied.

  4. Michelle Shulfer Says:

    If I could give one gift that I could not afford it would be the gift of a college education to my sponsor child at the Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage in Lurin, Peru. So many children in this orphanage do not have parents. Of those that do, their parents cannot afford to care for them so there or at one of the other orphanages in the area. I truly believe the best way to put an end to the poverty cycle is through education. Knowledge is powerful.

  5. Becky Bianco Says:

    I would give the gift of education, books, reading, expanded world view, to all the children who cannot receive this because of oppression, insufficient funds, family situation, or distance from school.

  6. Lauri Says:

    I would pay off the mortgage of a very faithful couple I know.

  7. Alberta J Says:

    If i could give one enormous gift this Christmas that I can’t afford, I would pay for our daughter’s house and all the necessary fix-its that it needs. She is deaf and lives with her three ‘security’ dogs. She works hard and puts in as much overtime at work as she can so that she can make ends meet. Life has not been easy for her but she is generous and loving to those who have less than she does.

  8. Rita Bueche, SSND Says:

    I would give a home to a family with children who cannot afford one.

  9. Kathy Merritt Says:

    I would pay for schools and the tuition for the students in undeveloped nations.

  10. Beth Flannery RSM Says:

    I would gift the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq with a lasting peace.

  11. Ray Finney Says:

    I would give national health insurance and include undocumented workers and thier families.

    If you lived in the USA you would be covered.

  12. Brenda Says:

    If I could give one gift this Christmas, that I can’t afford, I would give my son-in-law and daughter the gift of providing the finances so that she can be a stay at home Mom (the baby is almost 5 months old) until they can afford or find a way to make that happen on their own. She misses him so much and they go to see him at daycare EVERY DAY for lunch.

  13. Frances Brodie Says:

    I would give a well to a poor village in Haiti where there is no fresh water.

  14. Derrick Streets Says:

    This Christmas if I could give a gift to some one. Well I have had a dream not just for one person, but many. While attending college I sometimes worked at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and was surprised at the number of people who spent their Christmas day at the park. If I had the money I would rent out Disneyland for the day and all concessions and shopping would be free. The group I would target would be the terminally ill, and organizations like make a wish come true. I have had this dream since I was a teenager in the 70’s.

  15. Derrick Says:

    A free full college or university for and run by the poor.

  16. John D. Says:

    If wishes were horses…
    If I had it to do, I would give:

    1) To my parish and community to support Adult Faith Formation and start a Christian Meditation Community.

    2) To our interfaith alliance (LARCUM, to better serve the community.
    3) CRS absolutely…
    4) The Diocese to reestablish the Appalachian Office for Peace and Social Justice.
    5) A College education for my wife..

    But I am just a poor man from a poor family…

  17. Janet Kilb Says:

    I would give all I have to research in Juvenile Diabetes so my 7 yr old grandson could be cured. He also has so many allergies that hopefully could be cured too.

  18. Annette Koch Says:

    We (my husband John and I) would give enough money to build a home for a family in Haiti where the poorest of the poor live.

  19. Gisella Ramirez Says:

    In this Chrismat I would like to give the gift of peace to all those countries in war, give the gift of childhood to those kids whose childhood have been taken from them to turn them into soldiers or heads of family. I really wish for a better world for all of us 🙂

  20. Cynlorene Says:

    The best gift I could give would be a consistent source of fresh food and fresh water to needy families in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries, as well as, for those struggling in developed countries. I would also like to involve those that receive assistance in the continued relief efforts of my organization. They would understand that their efforts would be the work of God.

  21. lck Says:

    I would provide ways to supply water to all those in need of it.

  22. Mary Says:

    I would make as big a gift as I could to the Central Asia Institute to support Greg Mortenson’s work of building and staffing schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has already build 151 schools. Education is truly peace building.

  23. elizabeth Says:

    technology and funds to secure clean drinking water for all

  24. Jim Says:

    I would give peace to our parish priest, who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was a military chaplain in Iraq and a combat veteran. Please pray for Fr. T. Leland.

  25. sandy rieley Says:

    I would build a Catholic Youth center for Colorado … Directed, managed, and facilitated by youth ministers ….

  26. Barbara Says:

    I would give the gift of a home to all the families who have been forced to flee from their homes in their home country as well as those who have lost their homes.

  27. Lenora Fuller-McCall Says:

    I would give nourishing food, clean water, clothes, and durable shoes to every child in a refugee village on the earth and to every starving child who is neglected on the face of the earth.

  28. Megan Levy Says:

    I would give every person in the world the gift of faith, especially Catholic.

  29. Elizabeth Says:

    I have adopted ten kids in a Catholic abandoned school in Sierra Leone, west Africa.This Christmas I was able to send money to Sierra Leone in other to buy these kids clothing, a pair of shoe for each child and a christmas meal. This was my best christmas gift.

  30. Cindy Says:

    I would give as big as God’s love and mercy and give every single person on earth a beautiful home, loving family members, fresh water and organic food, peaceful communities, surrounded by the beauty of nature, with hearts to worship God and live in an ideal paradise with no enmity and true happiness.

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