World Water Day Roundup

In advance of World Water Day, we’re reposting past stories about CRS water projects.

Nicaragua Taps Into Water Management
Rural Nicaraguans are building water systems to bring clean, drinkable water into their homes-and good health into their lives.

Careful Water Use Feeds Rain-Starved Families
In parched northern Brazil, the Movement for Community Organization has taught communities how to be resourceful with a limited supply of water.

Fluoride-Free Water Brings Smiles in Ethiopia
With Team Today and Tomorrow, CRS is working to provide clean water from safe sources to thousands of poor farmers and their families.

Parish Provides Wells and Wellness to Ghana
A Seattle parish helps CRS build more than a dozen wells in northern Ghana, dramatically reducing guinea worm disease.

Team Battles Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic with Training
Simple prevention measures help Zimbabwe fend off disease that takes advantage of the country’s advanced development.

A Clean Start for Egypt’s Villages
By improving sanitation, CRS projects help people in Egypt live healthier, happier lives.

World Water Day: Liquid Gold

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