World Water Day: Reclaiming Afghan Watersheds writes about a water program that CRS is involved in in Afghanistan.

From the story: “This three-year village-based watershed restoration program, which began in January 2007, features an agreement between the communities, which average about 100 households each, the provincial government, and CRS.

“’It recognizes that local residents own the land and have the right to manage and protect their land,’ says Paul Hicks, a CRS staff member who has been working in Afghanistan since 2004. Based in Chagcharan, the provincial capital of about 13,000 people, he directs this integrated water development program. ‘Our goal is to help the landowners and those who farm the land understand and appreciate the value of not just building erosion control structures, but also protecting these structures permanently and seeding the stabilized areas to ensure the long-term benefits. Ultimately, the success of the work will depend on the commitment of the communities.’”

Check out the full story here.

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