World Toilet Day: Arbor Loos in the News

Abraham Desta, a Catholic bishop in Meki, Ethiopia visited Milwaukee and talked to editors and reporters of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. His visit resulted in, among other things, an article by Patrick McIlheran on how a little can go a long way in helping people across the globe.

The article quotes Milwaukee Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan, head of CRS’s board, and mentions use of arbor loos, described in Voices in November.

McIlheran wrote: “World Toilet Day wasn’t invented to sell either cards or plumbing. Rather, Nov. 18 was the day on which one was reminded that roughly 2.5 billion people around the world lack what the United Nations calls “improved sanitation” – anything from a pit latrine on up.”

“… As the absurdity of World Toilet Day reminds you, even a few dollars can do good.”

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