World TB Day Notes

Linking TB and HIV Testing

Because of the high risk of opportunistic infections among HIV patients, the AIDSRelief consortium, led by Catholic Relief Services, makes sure that patients in high prevalence countries are cross tested for TB and HIV. In Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda, extended TB services include prevention methods, screening, food provisions, and, in some cases, treatment.

Providing TB Care in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of nearly two dozen countries with high rates of tuberculosis. At this hospital in Phnom Penh, family members and a health worker check on a TB patient. Catholic Relief Services and our local Maryknoll partners support the 30-bed ward with a wide range of services aimed at helping those who are too poor to pay for healthcare. The program provides free meals, medical costs, and a full-time caretaker. Most of these patients are also HIV positive.

– Kai Hill

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