World Bank Hosts Food Crisis Forum April 14-15

Join a 24-hour food crisis conversation at the World Bank Open Forum from April 14-15, and help find solutions to overcome the food crisis and put food first for the world’s 1 billion hungry people.

Food prices are highly volatile and rising. Prices have soared 29% in just a year, and are now just shy of their peak during the 2008 global food crisis. Every day almost 1 billion people go to bed hungry. Every minute 170 people become desperately poor simply because food is too expensive. Since last year, wheat prices have increased by 79%, rice by 17%, and maize by 73%. Food has never been so expensive.

The recent food price hikes have driven about 44 million more people into poverty. Poor harvests and weather wrecking havoc on crops have played a role in driving up prices. Some people blame speculation on agricultural commodities or a lack of investment in agriculture as key factors behind high food prices and high price volatility. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear hunger is on the rise. We need to find solutions to put food first and ensure everyone has enough nutritious food now and in the years to come.

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