World AIDS Day: HIV, Home-based Care and Water and Sanitation

December 1 is World AIDS Day, the day on which we pause to think about the millions of people affected by the HIV pandemic. As the date approaches, we will post a series of entries focusing on our HIV and AIDS programs around the world. Some of the posts will be technical in nature, underscoring the scientific and programmatic foundations of CRS’ work.

Water is basic to all life; without it we can not exist. But for millions of people around the world, clean water is a rare and precious gift. For those living with HIV, clean water and proper sanitation are also a critical part of their care. It is vitally important that they minimize their exposure to germs and bacteria which could make them sick.

CRS, awarded small grants from the World Health Organization (WHO), conducted assessments in Malawi and Zambia on the water and sanitation situation of home-based care clients. The WHO objectives for these grants were to promote advocacy for home-based care and to develop guidance for the health and water and sanitation sectors. The findings from these two country programs’ reports indicate that there is a definite need to look more closely at the water and sanitation needs of home-based care clients.

Water and Sanitation Assessment of Home-Based Care Clients in Zambia (Kangamba, M., Roberts, C., Campbell, J., Service, J. & Adalla, C., 2006)

Water and Sanitation Assessment of Home-Based Care Clients in Malawi (Lockwood, K., Msapato, K., Senefeld, S., Nogi, J., Perrin, P. & Mtika, M., 2006)

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