World AIDS Day: HIV and AIDS Integrated Programming

December 1 is World AIDS Day, the day on which we pause to think about the millions of people affected by the HIV pandemic. As the date approaches, we will post a series of entries focusing on our HIV and AIDS programs around the world. Some of the posts will be technical in nature, underscoring the scientific and programmatic foundations of CRS’ work.

“CRS believes that development occurs within an integrated framework, which parallels the lives of the people we serve. As such, CRS often uses the Integral Human Development (IHD) framework as a tool to understand the multiple levels of human development and related issues.

The IHD, which is derived from Catholic Social Teaching (CST), provides a framework to assist people to be able to lead full and productive lives, meeting their basic physical needs in a sustainable manner, while living with dignity in a just and peaceful social environment.

A key purpose of the IHD framework is to help CRS and partners become more effective in assisting the people we serve to improve their livelihood outcomes with the primary livelihood outcome sought being Integral Human Development, meaning that people are able to meet their basic needs and improve their well-being in an atmosphere of social justice and human dignity.”

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