World AIDS Day: CRS Orphans and Vulnerable Children Forum

December 1 is World AIDS Day, the day on which we pause to think about the millions of people affected by the HIV pandemic. As the date approaches, we will post a series of entries focusing on our HIV and AIDS programs around the world. Some of the posts will be technical in nature, underscoring the scientific and programmatic foundations of CRS’ work.

In June 2008, Catholic Relief Services hosted the CRS Orphans and Vulnerable Children Forum. This two-day event highlighted CRS’ work with children orphaned by AIDS and other causes, as well as vulnerable children, including those made vulnerable by HIV.

Three former CRS child-beneficiaries traveled to Washington, DC to tell the audience how our OVC programs helped turn their lives around. Their compelling stories confirmed that a little help can often go a long way, and that a small investment can pay off in amazing ways.

The forum also featured technical presentations, findings and research in areas such as project design; child protection and trafficking; PEPFAR; livelihoods and food security. If you are interested in learning more about orphans and vulnerable children, all the presentations are archived here.

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