Why Give to Catholic Relief Services?

If you want more information about CRS and your donation, please see this site.

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4 Responses to “Why Give to Catholic Relief Services?”

  1. janet jones Says:

    Thank-you for all you do. What percentage are you able to give to the charity?

  2. Bob and Pam Says:

    Wherever it goes, Catholic Relief Services is in it for the long haul and at minimal overhead. There are no ads, no publicity seeking spokespeople, just caring and action. We sent out check the first night, knowing that it will be used to help the people of Haiti, today, tomorrow and on into the future.

  3. Dr. Nancy J. Allen Says:

    I have known a number of CRS staff members; some as friends and many as knowledgeable professionals in the field of international development. CRS is the most professional international NGO with which I have worked. CRS has a long history in Haiti and brings critical strengths to the current crisis: (1) enormous experience in worldwide emergency relief; (2) a resilient institutional framework for relief and development operations by virtue of multiple partnerships within Haiti’s Catholic church and community; and, (3) an acute and abundant awareness of the development challenges that Haiti will continue to face.

  4. Joan Hurley Says:

    Why do we not hear about CRS and why are they not being interviewed by the major TV channels? If Catholics knew you were there they would be contributing but we aren’t hearing about you. I know you are doing great things and I thank you sincerely but please try to get the word out to Catholics across this nation. We represent 23% of USA

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