Where in the World Would You Go?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you most want to do there?

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22 Responses to “Where in the World Would You Go?”

  1. Debbie DeVoe Says:

    The Galapagos Islands. In fact, I almost went last year but decided Greece was a better choice for my travel budget. I want to see the incredible wildlife before it’s too late. Hiking the Machu Picchu trail is also high on my list for the spiritual reflection in the midst of such beauty and historical learning at the ancient site.

  2. Jim Cranwell Says:

    I’d want to sail around the bottom of south america through the straights of magellan and the beagle chanel and experience the southern seas and the tumultluousness for the seas nd then sail on down to Antartica.

  3. mary swisher Says:

    I would like to see Europe, or take a couple of European river cruises, and see all the old cities, cathedrals and government buildings. I have great respect for the traditions of old; I would like to visit Bergen-Belsen and Dachau and Auschwitz to remember the horrors and pray for the Jews and others who were slaughtered, including thousands of priests. I remember Maximilian Kolbe . . . read his biography.

    Actually, the places I would like to see are endless!

  4. Fred C. Says:

    The Holy Land/Egypt.

    Why? Because I’m a Christian. Actually, we’re planning a trip to the former later this year. Egypt: later.

    Then Greece.

  5. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    To Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. Our Blessed Mother has been appearing there for over 25 years. I would give anything to experience a pilgrimage like that. Jesus has blessed us immensely by allowing Our Blessed Mother to come for that long, I pray that someday soon my husband and I and possibly our children will be able to make that trip. It would be life changing.

  6. Carol Says:

    I always wanted to see the Pyramids because I have a fascination with early Egyptian antiquities.

    Then to all the Caribbean Islands because I love the beach.

  7. Bruce Says:

    I would like to spend a year among Japanese Catholics, which might strike any one who reads this post as odd so I’ll briefly explain. When I lived in Japan some 25 years I was decidedly agnostic and anti-church but fascinated with the survival of Japanese Catholicism despite the frequent martyrdoms during the Shogunate. Alas, I was too immature and interested in material pursuits to devote serious time or thought to investigating “indigenous” Catholic culture in Japan. It’s a facet of life and faith I long to experience were it possible for me to take a year away from life here in the US.

  8. Alaine Bohnsak Says:

    I would go to Spain and Italy and absorb/drink in the old world charms culture/arts…maybe visit a quaint village or town high in the mountain regions, seek out a mediterranean oasis and have a glass of grapa while soaking up the noon-day sun …

  9. Liz Guthier Says:

    I’d either go to New Zealand or Greece.

    It’s been a hard year with getting married, getting a new job, and having surgery. Plus, I live in Alaska. I’d really love to soak up the sun’s rays on the beaches of Greece and explore all the history the country has to offer.

    Or I’d love to go hiking in New Zealand and enjoy the beauty that country has to offer.

  10. Jen Ryan Says:

    Paris. While I’ve been there before, you could spend days in any one of its cathedrals and never fully appreciate the artestry and history behind it. (Paris’ food is not so bad, either!)

  11. Michi Caldwell Says:

    I would go to the Philippines. As a Filipino I would like to be able to give back to my fellow Filipinos by supporting the various organizations that work towards providing the basic needs of the people. Plus, it’s a beautiful country with beautiful people!

  12. Bob Metell Says:

    It’s a toss up between living among the Eskimos in northern Alaska, and visiting the Volcanoes in Hawaii.

    I have always wanted to do both.

    I have always been interested in volcanoes. One of my high school friends parents were deep sea explorers who specialized in volcanoes. One time they came to school and gave a prenetation on volcanoes and I have been interested ever since.There is something about their beauty and power I find amazing.

    I would also like to spend some time in a remote Eskimo village, just to share their simplicity of life and culture.

  13. Will Says:

    The Vatican and Israel…

  14. paul Says:

    Right where I am seems fine, but if I had to travel… I would go to CHINA and or KOREA and or JAPAN to be a missionary apostle PAUL style, earn my pay and teach music.

    Ostracism has been for me one of the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT.

    Thanks to all the wise holy people that have gotten rid of me for years, I have been able to work out many things in solitude…

  15. Holly Helmick Says:

    I would like to go anywhere in Africa and help the people, doing whatever so that they will know God loves them and that the world hasn’t forgotten them. The needs in Africa are so great it’s difficult to state just one objective.

  16. Jake Burckhard Says:

    Germany would be my preference as I would like to continue genealogy research as my four grand parents all migrated to the US from Germany at the turn of the 20th century and homesteaded in North Dakota. Also, I would like to see the Cologne Cathedral among others.

  17. Judith Says:

    I would like to visit the land of Egypt and the Vatican

  18. Maryanne Says:

    I’d want to visit the lands of the old and new testament. It would add to my interest in religion. Albeit, some countries is this area are in conflict.

    My other interest is in wildlife and so I’d choose Costa Rica. i imagine it to be unspoiled.

  19. Annie Osorio-Perez Says:

    My top 3 places:

    *Madrid, Espa~a…I can trace my family name to this city and I would love to find out who, what, when, why, and how they arrived in Guatemala. There has to be records somewhere out there…

    *Jersusalem…while in Cyprus (I love this country, if you ever get a chance go there!!!), while I was in study abroad; there were cruises available to this Holy Land, but I couldn’t afford it. =( I want to go there before I leave this Earth.

    *The Vatican…soo much history and beauty and it would be a wish come true to be there!

  20. Kevin Cushing Says:

    I would like to visit third world countries, like I did in 1983 in Caracas and Merida, Venezuela to help in an eyeglass distribution clinics. That gives a perspective of I how we are blessed and how much we waste. That also gives a global perspective (we are one famiy) on things, and it is not just the
    U. S. which we should be concerned about.

  21. Barbara Says:

    I long to go to Iraq and live among the Christians who are badly persecuted. I long to let them know that there are others who can understand their pain. I long to pray with them but since I cannot go there, I will pray for them from here.

  22. josh Says:

    i would go to my aunties in orlando because even though it costs loads it should be worth the money! if i went there i would take my children because they will have loads of fun!!!!!

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