What We’re Praying for This Week, August 1-7

As Catholics, we recognize that prayer is of the utmost importance, an invaluable contribution to helping the poor overseas. We invite you to join us in bringing to Our Lord the following intentions and thanks.

Colleagues: Let us pray for our colleague, a 41-year staffer and our dear friend, Jacques Montouroy, who died unexpectedly July 28 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Thank you, Lord, for honoring us with the presence of this tough, tender, “old-school” humanitarian who braved rebels and bureaucrats with a heart fierce with love for the people he served so long and so well. We are grateful, Father, that he is in your hands as we hold him forever in our hearts.

Kyrgyzstan: Let us pray that Our Father opens doors to recovery and peace in Kyrgyzstan following an outbreak of violence in June.

Peace: Let us pray for the peacebuilders of Sudan, that their work bears strong and lasting fruit.

Safety: Let us thank God for freeing so many from the threats of malaria, unclean water, hostilities and hunger. And for the strength and resources in our work to alleviate the suffering of those still faced with these daunting challenges.

Advocacy: Let us pray that Our Father encourages those who advocate for the voiceless, that they persevere despite difficult odds.

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