What is the Church’s Teaching on Immigration?

Nancy E. Thoerig of Mount Savage, Md., a town about 150 miles west of Baltimore, wrote a letter to the editor of her local paper in response to an opinion piece it ran on immigration. She felt the article did not clearly represent Catholic teaching on immigration. So she did her homework, consulted the website of the Maryland Catholic Conference, and wrote a great letter in response. We’d like to share it with you:

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

Eileen Steele’s commentary (“Some things need discussing,” Aug. 26 Times-News), in which she says “the Catholic Church has a wrong-headed approach to the illegals,” though she gives no elucidation as to what offends her, caused me, a cradle Catholic, to wonder: What is the crux of the church’s teaching on immigration; and how does it fit into the political debate?

Probably the best source I found to answer questions is the Maryland Catholic Conference (www.mdcathcon.org), informed by bishops O’Brien, Wuerl and Saltarelli of Baltimore, Washington and Wilmington, respectively, to advocate for public policy and pastoral interests in Annapolis and on Capitol Hill. The MCC, the site summarizes, aims to keep before our legislators “moral and religious dimensions of secular issues” and “values of the Gospel as norms for social and political life” and to promote “peace and justice.”

“Undocumented immigrants are persons with dignity,” the bishops state in their document titled “Where All Find a Home;” and they call us to learn about the immigration system, reasons people migrate, and needs of immigrants and their families: “Our American ideals call us to participate in the public debate; our Catholic faith urges us to do so with charity.”

Read the rest of Nancy Thoerig’s letter.

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