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What Congress’ Actions Mean for the Poor

It’s the first week of March and with it comes what we’ve been working so hard to avoid for many months: automatic across-the-board spending cuts, also known as sequestration. Your efforts over the past few months and this week have been valiant, but unfortunately, our legislators weren’t able to come to an agreement on how to avert the sequester. Now, our brothers and sisters who live in poverty here in the United States and overseas will suffer the most from these careless cuts. Learn more about what these cuts will mean for the most vulnerable in our communities.

In the coming weeks Congress will consider funding for the rest of FY 2013 and also for all of FY 2014.  The Conference and CRS believe that our country must address its deficit problem, but any effort to reduce the federal deficit must put all non-poverty-focused programs on the table for consideration.  This includes unnecessary defense spending and reforms to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that reduce costs while protecting the most vulnerable.  Congress must consider ways to increase revenue through shared sacrifice and by asking those to whom much has been given to contribute to debt reduction in the interests of the poor and the common good.

Stay tuned for a more in depth update next week about what you can do now to restore urgently needed funding to help the most vulnerable people in your community and around the world.

Please keep our brothers and sisters who are most affected by these cuts in your prayers.

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