Weekly Prayers, 10.12.09

As Catholics, we recognize that prayer is of the utmost importance, an invaluable contribution to helping the poor overseas. We invite you to join us in bringing to Our Lord the following intentions and thanks.

Philippines: The recovery phase of a shocking disaster lacks the drama that draws world attention. Let us pray that our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Rim are not forgotten in the months to come.

Pacific Rim: Earthquakes and tsunamis exacted a terrible toll on life and property. Let us pray that God extends His grace to the people of these Pacific islands.

India: Following prolonged drought, flooding hit southern India and drove millions from their homes. Let us pray that our brothers and sisters in India receive the help they need to recover quickly.

Caritas: We thank God every day for our beloved partner Caritas Internationalis. They are so often the hands with which we reach out to the world.

Government: Let us pray that God grants government leaders the wisdom and fortitude to tackle the world’s challenges with integrity and insight.

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