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Webcast: The Church Responds to Catastrophe in Haiti

RSVP to join the next CCGP webcast: The Church Responds to Catastrophe in Haiti on Wednesday, February 24th.

In the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the U.S. Catholic community is responding in numerous ways.  CRS, with more than 50 years of experience working in Haiti, initiated an immediate and large-scale response to help the victims.  CRS’ vice president for Overseas Operations, Annemarie Reilly will provide an overview of the situation on the ground.

USCCB and CRS are supporting the response in Haiti. CRS’ executive vice president for U.S. Operations, Joan Rosenhauer, will review the U.S. Catholic Church’s activities in support of the relief effort.

The USCCB and CRS are also working to ensure that the policies of the U.S. government support Haiti’s long-term reconstruction and development needs.  USCCB’s director of the International Justice and Peace office, Steve Colecchi, will explain our policy framework and vision as well as priority recommendations from our faith perspective and give an update on our joint advocacy efforts.

Please join us to learn more about:

Thirty minutes of this webcast will be reserved to answer questions from the audience.


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