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Web Chat: Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency of Unaccompanied Children

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Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency of Unaccompanied Children

July 29, 2014

12 -1 P.M. EDT

Live Blog Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency of Unaccompanied Children

Background:  Our country is witnessing the results of a drug war and intensifying gang control: child refugees. The number of unaccompanied children fleeing their home countries has alarmingly increased – numbers arriving to the U.S. have doubled every year since 2011, creating what Pope Francis has described as a “humanitarian emergency.”

Increasing despair has led many families, youth and children to the inevitable conclusion that they have no choice but to flee. They are primarily fleeing violence. They aren’t just coming to the United States; in fact, other Central American countries have experienced a sharp increase in asylum claims in recent years as well.

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6 Responses to “Web Chat: Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency of Unaccompanied Children”

  1. Debra Says:

    Will there be a log of this chat available for access after the chat session is complete.

  2. Tom Webb Says:

    Where are children being re-located? We currently run a transitional housing facility for Latin American immigrants. We have been discussing the possibility of housing small families. Aside from licensing, fingerprinting, etc. are there additional things we need to be mindful of should we decide to offer hospitality to children?

  3. Luz Rooney Says:

    Bishop Flores,
    What tools do we have to help these mothers and children fleeing these Central American countries? Will these tools present a real solution? What is a realistic solution?

  4. Carolyn Zimmerman Says:

    A thousand thanks for chatting today! And a million thanks for the hard work you are doing for the children, their families and those who care about them. A Sister of Charity I know who attended the recent immigration children in D.C. has spoken very highly of all the participants there, in particular the young staffers! She said we should be very proud of you. As a recent observer of migrant assistance work being done in El Paso, I want to commend those activists and workers there as well. Gracias!

  5. Ellen Reardon Says:

    I am currently working with a concerned group of parishioners from St. Bridget’s parish in Manchester, CT. I’m not sure if I have an intelligent comment/question at this time but I will try again in the future! Hopefully, I can request at our next meeting. if anyone has a question for me to put to you people. If so, I will post it to your “website” and look forward to getting an educated answer! Sincerely, Ellen

  6. Edward Hoyt Says:

    Hi, Ms. Reardon,

    Check out this latest article on ways of addressing the current crisis:

    And please keep migrant children everywhere in your prayers:



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