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This is a longer follow up to a post published Monday. Please note that voting ends Friday.

Our proposal to help family coffee farmers in Latin America adapt to climate change has been selected as a finalist in the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Climate Challenge!

Many thanks to all those who voted to support our project concept during the first round of voting. Now we are on to the second round, and you have only until Friday, April 3, to vote to make it a winner! (Note: click on the “Support it” button.)

The Issue.
Climate change is changing the face of agriculture all over the planet. Since a specific crop can only thrive under certain environmental conditions, the increases in average temperatures and the radical changes in rainfall are changing our understanding of what can grow well where—what we call “land-use patterns.” The outlook for coffee farmers in Mexico and Central America is pretty grim…

Under some scenarios, coffee could disappear altogether from some of the leading coffee-growing regions in Central America in the next generation or so.

The Proposal.
We have been invited by our friends at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia to partner to help small-scale family farmers adapt to these changes. We will help CIAT gather data from some of the more than 7000 farmers who are participating in our CAFE Livelihoods project in Mexico and Central America. CIAT will use that data to support its very fancy “crop targeting” models that help show land-use patterns will likely change over time in the places where we are working. Together, we will share that information with farmers and help them make better decisions about how they will farm into the future.

The Process.
Green Mountain has developed a creative two-tier system. On one level, the company has invited folks like you all around the world to vote for the proposals you like best at JustMeans. That process ends on April 3. On another level, Green Mountain has assembled a team from within its company to review the proposals and vote (kind of like the popular vote and the electoral college). Once the votes are in, Green Mountains “electors” will take them and the proposals into consideration and announce a winner on Earth Day, April 22.

What You Can Do.
Log on and vote! Ask your friends and families and neighbors to do the same! (FYI,you will need to register with JustMeans in order to vote.)

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