Viva il Papa!

As Catholics in the United States today celebrate the arrival of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, staff at Catholic Relief Services reflect on his writings and what this visit means to them. This entry is continued from yesterday’s reflections on the Pope’s upcoming visit to the United States.

I was so excited when Chris Tucker [CRS’ US regional director for the Mid-Atlantic] announced the volunteer opportunity for CRS staff members and their families. I immediately jumped at the chance to volunteer for this event. I never dreamed I would have an opportunity to see our Holy Father and attend Mass with him. For me this is a blessing, and I am constantly amazed at the many blessings I have received while working with CRS.

Carol Bobick
Executive Assistant, U.S. Operations

The Pope’s visit gives me a unique opportunity to witness a part of history.

Braggil Barnes
Administrative Assistant, Office Services

The Pope’s visit reminds me that my work is inspired by service to others.

Tara Mulligan
Stewardship Officer

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