Visiting Nicaragua: Gospel Charity in Action

Nicaragua volcano

Jose Noel Garcia shows off his water tank which he received as part of the CRS’ Agriculture for Basic Needs project, a savings program. Photo by Mikaele Sansone/CRS

Cassian Sama is a Dominican Brother studying to be a priest at St. Dominic’s Priory in St. Louis, MO. He traveled to Nicaragua to witness the work of CRS firsthand as part of the Global Fellows program.

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought in Nicaragua I would be so enlightened, energetic, and reminded of the simplest things in life that makes us more connected as human beings.

This country has been greatly endowed by the creator with such natural beauty. This beauty extends itself in the lives of the people. All those I have met so far have strengthened my conviction that we are very similar, and thus, share common interests, even though we come from different cultures and speak different languages. We all rely on certain basic human needs like water, food, and housing for survival.

Today, my Global Fellows colleagues and I visited a small community of farmers who have managed to come together in solidarity to raise money and, with the help of CRS, created a loan program to provide any member of their community with financial help in times of great need. We heard of personal stories from certain members of the community about how the use of this little loan has made a difference in their lives.

As I listened to these stories, I could not help but think to myself, this is what true Christian fellowship is all about: sharing in common with one mind and heart whatever one has with the other. This is gospel charity in action practiced by a community that does not have much in terms of natural resources, but are blessed with the richness of fraternal fellowship.

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