Update: More Than 6 Million Affected by Typhoons in Philippines

 This is an update to an earlier version of this post.

On Friday, October 9, a vast area northwest of Manila was hit again by Typhoon Parma causing new flooding and landslides. More than 2 million people are now affected by this storm, with 193 deaths confirmed and just over 100,000 people staying in 281 evacuation centers, according to the United Nations. An additional 4.1 million people were already affected by the first Typhoon Ketsana, which drenched Manila and its greater metropolitan area on Saturday, September 26. That storm drove more than 240,000 people from their homes who are currently staying in 471 evacuation centers, the U.N. reports.

CRS and Caritas Philippines are determining how we can best assist these new flood-affected families. Meanwhile, we are coordinating an $800,000 response, with $250,000 in initial private funding having provided emergency relief food to 30,000 people in the greater Manila area and kits of household essentials to 5,000 families most affected by the typhoons. CRS and Caritas Philippines are now packaging and distributing 5,000 more kits of household supplies and are gearing up to support shelter repair, community cleanups with cash-for-work incentives, and provision of uniforms and school supplies to affected students.

– Reported by Debbie DeVoe, CRS regional information officer, from the Philippines

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