Today is World Humanitarian Day

What do you think the world needs more of? This year’s World Humanitarian Day video asks this question.

At Catholic Relief Services we need more #healthychildren, #educatedgirls, #bountifulcrops, #cleanwater, #peaceintheworld, #peoplewhonolongerneedourassistance. And with the support of our generous donors and the work of our incredible staff, we’ll get there.

So today, we want to take a minute and ask you to pray for the safety of our staff working in 91 countries around the world. They are some of the most dedicated and compassionate people you will ever meet. They work long hours, often under incredibly stressful circumstances, in some of the most remote places on the planet. Staff like Maribeth Black, who recently shared her reflections on being evacuated from the Central Africa Republic after a violet rebel uprising threatened their lives. Most shocking is the editor’s note at the end. After they narrowly escaped a harrowing ordeal, what did they do? Several of the staff went back.

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