Timothy Dolan Installed As NY Archbishop

Dolan Ethiopia

From left to right, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Archbishop Timothy Dolan and a child during a mass at the Missionaries of Charity home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

CRS congratulates Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Chairman of the Board at CRS, on his installation as the new Archbishop of the New York Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese, which covers a region with 2.5 million parishioners in about 400 churches, is the nation’s second-largest diocese after Los Angeles, but it is the most prominent seat in the U.S. Catholic Church. Its vast Catholic service network includes 10 colleges and universities, hundreds of schools and aid agencies, and nine hospitals that treat about a million people annually.

Dolan, who succeeds now retired New York Cardinal Edward Egan, has been the Chairman of the Board of CRS since November of 2007. He has traveled the world with CRS and he plans to remain as Chairman while in his new role as Archbishop of New York.

Dolan Ethiopia

Archbishop Timothy Dolan leads a procession following a mass at the Missionaries of Charity home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

Although he led a busy Archdiocese in Milwaukee, Archbishop Dolan devoted considerable attention to his work with CRS. In just the last year he traveled to the field twice. In May he went to Ethiopia, where he met with people suffering from the twin blows of the global food crisis and devastating drought. And in January, he traveled to India to see CRS programs and to witness our longstanding collaboration with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

“One of the reasons I so embrace Catholic Relief Services is because it is Catholicism in action,” he said recently at a lecture at the Sacred Heart School of Theology. “It has this amazing ability, a Catholic dimension, of reminding us of our worldwide responsibilities, that we are called to look beyond.

“Catholic Relief Services stands as one of the most effective agents of the love, service, care and pursuit of justice extolled by our Holy Father,” he added.

Dolan CRS

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, CRS board chairman and newly installed Archbishop of New York. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

As Archbishop Dolan moves to New York, he goes to a city with a long CRS connection. Our headquarters was in New York for 46 years, from our founding in 1943 until we moved to Baltimore in 1989. We were first located in the Empire State Building, and in the early 1970’s we moved to the Catholic Center, where Archbishop Dolan will have his offices. So as he moves to New York, the Archbishop will remain linked to us in history.

Dolan has made a positive impression on the staff at CRS from day one; he’ll do the same in New York. We are confident he will bring to New York what he has brought to CRS as our Chairman: dedication to the Church, tremendous energy, a warm sense of humor, and deep compassion for the poor and vulnerable.

Congratulations Archbishop Dolan!

Dolan Mass

From left, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, CRS board chair Archbishop Timothy Dolan, and Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel celebrate mass in Addis Ababa. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

Dolan water

CRS board chair Archbishop Dolan turning on the faucet for the animal watering trough in Koye Jijeba, Ethiopia.
Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

Dolan annoint

CRS board chair Archbishop Dolan, during a CRS delegation trip to Ethiopia, joined residents at the Missionaries of Charity home in Addis Ababa for a mass.
Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

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  1. Lan Le Says:

    I would know if the sisters of Missionaries of Charity have an orphanage in Addis Ababa, if they do, I would like to find out their address.
    I also would like to get the address of other MC’s houses in Addis Ababa.

    thank you

    Lan Le

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