Thomas Awiapo

Thomas Awiapo: Hispanic Delegation in West Africa

West visit

Community members welcome the Hispanic delegation with drumming and dancing. Photo by CRS staff

Nine Hispanic Church leaders from across the United States and four CRS regional staff members spent 10 days visiting CRS projects in Burkina Faso and Ghana, interacting with and experiencing the culture and way of life of the people.

The Hispanic delegation visit to West Africa, Ghana and Burkina Faso, offered an opportunity to see, feel and experience the story of CRS around the world and hopefully, share that story and experience with their people in the United States. I am glad you chose to visit West Africa.

CRS staff, partners and beneficiaries all enjoyed your visit and we hope that many more of you will visit us in due course.

– Thomas Awiapo
As a child in Ghana, Thomas Awiapo was a beneficiary of CRS school feeding programs. Now, as an adult, he works for CRS Ghana and travels to the U.S. annually to tell his inspiring story to American Catholics at schools, parishes and communities. Thomas will be a featured guest blogger and will be reporting from Ghana about the issues he witnesses firsthand.

Watch the video: Empowered for Life: The Thomas Awiapo Story.

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