Thomas Awiapo Delivers Compelling Lenten Message

In case you missed the Saturday edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, check out the story on Thomas Awiapo.

From the story: “It is never possible for all of us in this world to be rich,” Awiapo told the children at Our Lady of Fatima. “A world in which everyone is rich would be a boring world. … But I pray that we will live in a world where the poor and the rich can live together and share just a little bit of our poverty and riches together.”

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One Response to “Thomas Awiapo Delivers Compelling Lenten Message”

  1. Fr raymond A Says:

    Thom, this is an inspiring story. i have known and had you as a personal friend for years but never did i know of this story in your life. it brought tears to my eyes my brother. i look back and can now put a finger on where all that need to be kind and grateful smiles come from.
    keep the spirit going. do get in touch with me when you find yourself in the States again, will need to communicate with you.
    God bless the work of your hands and God bless the CRS. a wonderful agency that is effecting real change in the lives of the most abandoned in Africa, through selfless love and service to Christ own. Thank you.
    Fr. Raymond SMA
    St Alphonsus Church
    1870 west Oak st.
    Zionsville IN 46077.

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