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The start of something very good.

I often hear people complaining about the amount of money we spend on our nuclear weapons programs. Then the next thing I usually hear is that this money spent on nuclear arms could be used to help the poor and people in dire situations. Our representatives in Congress have heard these voices. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) have introduced the “Global Security Priorities” Resolution (H. Res. 278) and I hope that you will join me in asking your representative to co-sponsor it today.

This resolution is very important because it has two main goals:

1. Reduces the threat of international nuclear terrorism and protects the security of the United States by reducing the number of, and access to, nuclear weapons and materials, and preventing nuclear proliferation.
2. Directs a portion of the resulting $13 billion saved annually towards child survival, food security, and universal education.

The “Global Security Priorities” Resolution moves me because it limits the number of nuclear weapons in the world and redirects the money saved to help reducing child hunger and increasing educational opportunities for children. The time to act is now because President Obama supports these goals. He has called for reductions of the nuclear arms of the United States (and Russia), supported working for a nuclear free world, and committed the U.S. to reducing global poverty by doubling international assistance. These added resources would enable organizations such as Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to strengthen food security programs with local partners in poor countries to boost long-term food security and life-saving emergency aid.

The opposite of war is CREATION! In his January 1 message for the 2009 World Day of Peace, the Holy Father recommended that “resources saved (by reducing expenditure on arms) could then be earmarked for development projects to assist the poorest and most needy individuals and peoples.” Urging your representative to co-sponsor H. Res. 278, the “Global Security Priorities” Resolution, will help make this goal a reality!

Your actions and those of others can make all the difference. Be the voice of reason and justice in your representative’s ear.

Once you’ve taken action on this issue, be one in a million Catholics confronting global poverty by joining the Catholics Confront Global Poverty initiative that encourages prayer, learning, and action on issues affecting our brothers and sisters worldwide.

– Josh Pollock, Volunteer Policy Consultant – Advocacy

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