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‘The Ecological Crisis is a Moral Issue’

A butterfly flaps its wings in China, changes the weather in New York. Or…

A United States citizen contacts their member of Congress, betters the circumstances for people living in poverty from the damaging effects of climate change.

We need you to urge your member of Congress to significantly increase funding for international adaptation programs in the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, also known as the Waxman-Markey bill. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on this bill in the next few days.

We are all connected in the web of life and, unfortunately, the effects of climate change are hitting the people living in poverty the hardest. And these are the folks that contribute the least to the causes of climate change! We saw the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in this country. I could not imagine the impact of the effects of climate change, like extreme drought, in countries with little infrastructure and no social safety nets.

The Waxman-Markey bill helps folks abroad by putting in place mechanisms to provide adaptation assistance for poor and vulnerable populations internationally. So far, though, the funding in the bill is inadequate. It also provides mechanisms for poor people here at home to adapt to potentially higher energy prices.

CRS is working diligently to help communities adapt to the consequences of climate change and mitigate its effects through health, agriculture, water, and emergency preparedness programs, and its relief and development efforts in 100 countries. CRS also joined the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in promoting Catholics Confront Global Poverty, seeking to engage one million Catholics in issues that are causing or exacerbating global poverty, including climate change.

We urge you to contact your member of Congress to increase funding for international adaptation programs for the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. If you want to learn more about the effects of climate change on people living in poverty then please see the Catholic Climate Covenant.

“I wish to repeat that the ecological crisis is a moral issue.” Pope John Paul II, 1990

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One Response to “‘The Ecological Crisis is a Moral Issue’”

  1. Gerard Shanley Says:

    As a long time supporter of CRS, I find it unfortunate that CRS has foolishly entered into this politically charged land mine of an issue. The long term economic consequences of this bill will be catastrophic for the world’s poor. You have been sold a bill of goods that has been a long time agenda of the political left. The data is simply inconclusive – regardless how stridently the proponents of climate change promote their dogma. I, regretfully, find it impossible to continue my support for CRS mission because I fundamentally disagree the political left of the Democratic Party which CRS seems to be embracing too closely.

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