Talk to Hugh Jackman, Help CRS

You have till April 24 to help CRS win $100K and all you have to do is talk to actor Hugh Jackman.

Jackman said he’ll give $100,000 to someone’s favorite non-profit group. All you have to do is convince him in 140 characters or less on twitter why your favorite should get the donation.

So tell him why he should pick CRS:

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4 Responses to “Talk to Hugh Jackman, Help CRS”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Catholic Relief Services is one of the most effective charities for third world contries. THey help more people than an other institution in the world. Please put your money where it will count!

  2. Robin Says:

    Catholic Relief Services is a top rated charity for a reason. Their help is not dependant on a persons nationality, race or creed. Instead, its based solely on need. Their plan of action earned them an A+ rating from the AIP.

    Their arms are able to reach around the globe, and find the neediest among us. From school children to the sick and ederly. They provide medical assistance as well as education.

    Finally, their financial transparency makes even the wariest donor feel safe. This is seconded by the Better Business Bureau who gave them a 20 out of 20 in their charitable scoring.

  3. David Salako Says:

    Catholic Relief Services has a proven track record from rating agencies of incredible and unsurpassed global reach and financial clarity that makes donors (like my wife and I) have the peace of mind that the vast bulk of funds received go where they are actually needed.

    They do not discriminate based on faith (or non-faith), race, nationality or politics. They help (in myriad ways, not just financial) wherever there is need and they have infrastructure in place.

    I have witnessed their incredible, unbiased work in the troubled regions of the Middle East and Africa but also within urban areas in countries such as the USA.

    They are a model charity.

  4. Joyce Alonzo Says:

    Help, Hugh Jackman! Catholic Relief Services has a stellar reputation and record of helping the world’s most poor, most displaced person under oftentimes, the most difficult, if not brutal political & naural environments.
    Your ability to give or raise funds will surely encourage others to do the same…As our Lord commanded, “Love one another as I have loved you!”.

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