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Sahel Food Crisis: Helping Niger Help Itself

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Niger garden

A man waters plants in a CRS dry season market garden in Jougola, Niger. Photo by Tahirou Gouro/CRS

By Thomas Awiapo

Traveling in Niger to see the impact of the current food crisis there first-hand, as well as CRS’ work, I spent the last five days with an evaluation team tasked with assessing the impact of CRS’ work in the area. What a special learning moment this was for me!

I sat in on several focus group interviews and discussions in the villages we visited and I walked away with one great lesson: No one can develop human beings; you can only help human beings develop themselves.

New Friend Marks High Point of Niger Tour

Friday, November 7th, 2008

CRS information officer for West Africa, Lane Hartill, visited Niger during the last two weeks. In Bermo, he met with students and parents who have benefited from CRS’ education program.

Kenya vouchers

CRS regional information officer Lane Hartill (right) makes a friend during his travels in Niger. Photo by Musa Tambaya for CRS.

I showed up at the market, nosing around, looking terribly out of place. With my swollen backpack and photo paraphernalia, nobody would mistake me for a local. I was following Ruwa, a single dad who was selling a rail-thin goat (he made $12) to buy food for his three daughters. The oldest, Fatchima, 13, goes to a school CRS supports for nomadic children. There was no auctioneer. An intermediary shuttled between the buyer and Ruwa, making the deal. Surprisingly, nobody paid any attention to me. I couldn’t believe it.