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What’s Your Lenten Tradition?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Operation Rice Bowl is a major Lenten tradition here at CRS and at parishes across the country. It’s easy to understand why. The cool rice bowl and Home Calendar Guide offer tangible ways to observe the season.

I have another Lenten tradition that started five or six years ago. A friend and I each give up something — the same thing each Lent. We check in before Ash Wednesday to make sure we’re both on board and then follow up from time to time to see how we’re doing. (He’s the one who inspired the tradition and he invariably does better than I do.)

Are there other Lenten traditions that you observe? Do you have a family tradition that really works for you or that you really look forward to every year?

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

For most of us, the Christmas season holds two great themes in tension. One is the remembrance of Jesus’ birth, Emmanuel in lowly circumstances: our salvation. The other is preparation and shopping: the material world.

We’re spiritual and material creatures. We recognize both sides of the Christmas holiday. Still, it’s difficult some years to get even one side right, let alone both.

With that in mind, we have a question: What do you do to keep the Christmas spirit alive this time of year?