Supplies Continue Moving to Haiti Capital

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CRS is moving in supplies as fast as possible. Five trucks full of food, hygiene kits, and tarps are also on their way today from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince. All 313 permanent CRS/Haiti staff are now accounted for.

Access is very difficult. Debris blocks many roads. But we have begun distributing food, hygiene kits, water, and medical supplies to households in informal camps around Port-au-Prince. We’re now working with our local and international Caritas partners to identify primary sites for next distributions.

We’re hearing reports of extensive damage in other towns west of Port-au-Prince. CRS and Caritas will assess some of these areas in the coming days.

CRS is mobilizing aid and planning a $25 million response. To date, donors have contributed more than $11.9 million in cash and commitments; $7.3 million of this amount has been received via web donations

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3 Responses to “Supplies Continue Moving to Haiti Capital”

  1. Toler Says:

    Trying to find out if friend Sheyla Maximelian who works for CRS is ok.

  2. john scarsella Says:

    I am very concerned for the safet and health of the religious order-Salesians of Saint Don Bosco and their missionaries. Please contact the Salesians in Italy to ascertain their safety and health. You should be able to receive further guidance from their Rector Major.

  3. Emile Says:

    In the article “Haiti’s Need Grows, Supplies Rushed In” it says “Staff have identified 11 distribution points in Port-au-Prince”.

    Would it be possible to list the longitude and latitude of the distribution locations when they become active, and possibly other locations of CRS activity such as the medical clinics in a format such as in the following example for Palais nationale d’Haïti (centered on the middle spire’s current location) –

    Type of CRS Activity Longitude Latitude Date
    XXXXXXX 18 32’35.92 72 20’19.23 ??/??/1?

    I am interested in seeing the coverage/scope of CRS and Cartitas relief activities. I believe Caritas communications officer Michelle Hough wrote yesterday that there were 200 Caritas clinics in Port-au-Prince before the earthquake (the link was broken when I tried to checked on this). It would be nice to locate the clinics as they come back on line. I also understand that Caritas makes use of churches in its relief activites.

    I donate to CRS because of the 93-94% of each dollar being used for its mission. I think CRS gives an added bang for buck, because they have in place organizational structures across the globe. It would be great to see the expansion of Caritas relief across Port-au-Prince. I understand you may not be able to release this information right now for security reasons, but when you are able, please do. It would help donors see the impact of their donations across Haiti.

    A link to a file listing the locations and their longitudes and latitudes would be great. If CRS is using Googel Earth, you probably already have a .kmz file with this information that could be redacted. To have access to a downloadable .kmz on crs.org of Caritas/CRS activities would be very informative for many Caritas/CRS donors.

    Thank you,


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