Sumatra Quake: A Nervous Wait

By Christina Grawe, Caritas communications officer:

Little Mitra waits in her village of Sikabu Bukit. All the houses here were destroyed by a quake on the 30 September. Her home and her school were destroyed. She waits for the Caritas trucks to arrive with tents for her and her family. Her mother says, “Today our new house will arrive.”

“We were outside the house“ said Mitra. The rain had just started she says, and the children were playing a game called Hujan hujanan that roughly translates as running around in the rain. This is the reason the children survived. When the quake hit and the houses collapsed, in a deadly mass of concrete, wood, and metal, the children were outside playing. Only three persons died in Sikabu Bukit.

None of the survivors has a home. “We all sleep outside now,” said Mitra. At night, the rain forest is cold. “We are freezing, because we cannot close a door, we have no door anymore,” she said.

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