Sudan: Never Again Begins Now

In an effort to mobilize college campuses and the U.S. public to support peace in Sudan, Cabrini College hosted Catholic Relief Services Sudan Adviser Dan Griffin to provide background information on Sudan.

This video provides history of Sudan, the peace building work of CRS there, and what college students in the United States can do to be a voice for peace in Sud

Produced by Cabrini College.

Sudan-Never Again Begins Now from Cabrini ComDept on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Sudan: Never Again Begins Now”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thanks and congratulations are in order, both to Dan for the extraordinary clarity of his explanation and call to act and to Cabrini for its commitment to use this video to mobilize students. Well done.

  2. Sudan independence becomes focus for Cabrini students : Social Justice Journalism Says:

    […] of Cabrini, became the producer and engaged current students in the production. The video, “Never again begins now,” was featured on the CRS website. […]

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