Sudan Campus Ambassadors: Promoting Peace

Congratulations!  You have been recommended to represent Catholic Relief Services on your college campus as Sudan Campus Ambassadors in our “Sudan: What Would You Do?” campaign which aims to promote peace in Sudan.

On January 9, 2011, the people of southern Sudan will vote on a referendum to determine whether to remain a part of Sudan or form Africa’s newest nation.  Due to the history of violence in Sudan’s recent history – the civil war which killed over 2 million people and displaced over 4 million people, as well as the violence in Darfur, which claimed over 300,000 lives – the prospects for a peaceful transition are in question.

CRS is calling on students, faculty, campus ministers, and people of concern on college campuses across the United States to join CRS as we advocate for peace in Sudan.

The first webcast training/briefing on Sudan will be held tomorrow, Friday, October 1 from 12pm – 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Information needed to participate is as follows:

Please click on this link to access the online webcast (it will be live tomorrow at 12pm)

You may sign in as “guest” and either type in your name or your school’s name.

This will allow you to view video, hear audio, see pictures from Sudan, view the Powerpoint presentation and offer your chat questions.

Click here to test your connection speed and ensure your computer has the necessary connection speed. (This should only take 2 minutes)

To ensure optimal audio, we ask you to mute your computer speakers and receive the audio directly from a phone line which offers higher quality.

The Toll Free Call-in Information is: 1-800-615-2900 and the Participant Code is 4175314

The Agenda for tomorrow’s webcast will be 30 minutes of briefing and training and 30 minutes of live question and answer.

You may submit questions either on the issue of Sudan or what you can do on your campus ahead of time to:  We also encourage you to ask questions during the live broadcast by typing them into the chat pod which will appear in our virtual meeting room.

Again you will simply need a computer, internet connection and speakers or phone line to be able to participate.

We will record this session and post a link to it on for those who are unable to attend the live webcast or those who wish to share with their campus groups.

Feel free to contact me in advance with any questions.

Louis W. Charest

Advisor – University Programs

Catholic Relief Services

Email: or

Pray for Peace in Sudan

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