Sudan Bishops Celebrate Mass with Archbishop Dolan

New York Archbiship Timothy Dolan welcomed two bishops from Sudan to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Ave. where they were co-celebrants of a mass Sunday morning.

The Archbishop, who chairs the board of Catholic Relief Services, welcomed Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak from the Diocese of Wau in the south of Sudan and Bishop Daniel Adwok Kur from Khartoum to what he referred to as “America’s parish church.”

Pointing out their presence to the thousands in attendance, Dolan noted the decades of violence and conflict that have plagued Sudan as he called on the congregation to pray for peace there.

“We are so glad that Catholic Relief Services is able to be of service to you,” he said. “Accept our love and our promise of prayerful solidarity.”

The bishops stood with Archbishop Dolan behind the altar, joining in the preparations for communion and then served the host and wine to the congregation.

Afterwards, the bishops joined Archbishop Dolan in front of the cathedral as he he reviewed the annual Puerto Rican Day parade on Fifth Avenue. Sen. Charles Shumer of New York was one of the many who came over to greet the archbishop. He introduced the senator to his visitors from Sudan.

Afterwards, the bishops said they were impressed by Dolan’s ebullient style.

“I understand why the Vatican chose this archbishop,” said Bishop Adwok. “He is a man who does not camouflage things.”
Bishop Deng agreed; “He is a very warm person.”

The bishops are in the United States on a two-week tour sponsored by CRS to bring attention to the crucial run-up to January’s vote which will determine the future of south Sudan. In a referendum that is the cornerstone of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement which brought to an end decades of violence, southern Sudanese will decide if they want to be an independent nation or remain united with the rest of Sudan.

CRS has committed $4 million to peacebuilding work to ensure that the referendum comes off peacefully. Much of that work involves the church, a critically important institution throughout Sudan, especially in the south.

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2 Responses to “Sudan Bishops Celebrate Mass with Archbishop Dolan”

  1. Chris O'Keefe Says:

    Its good to see the SCSB coming to the States – hopefully it is a good first step to a sucessful and peaceful referendum. Good luck on your trip Bishops Adwok and Deng!

    Chris O’Keefe

  2. Chris O'Keefe Says:

    And welcome to the US!

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