Southern Sudan to Become Africa’s Newest Nation

Voting in Sudan

Votes are being counted throughout Sudan to determine whether southern Sudan will secede from the north and form Africa’s newest nation. Photo by Sara Fajardo / CRS

The final results of the south’s self-determination referendum were officially announced on Monday after no appeals were filed. Out of nearly 4 million votes cast worldwide, 98.8 percent voted for secession. There are no reports of violence associated with the announcement.

This is a great step forward in the peaceful transformation of Sudan, but critical issues including border demarcation, the status of the border community Abyei, oil-revenue sharing, currency, debt allocation and citizenship, must be resolved as the south moves toward independence on July 9.

Both the violence in Darfur and protests in Egypt could complicate the remaining negotiations of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, but the apparent acceptance of the outcome of the referendum is a very welcome, positive development for Sudan.

There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure the transition process remains peaceful, and with your help and support, Catholic Relief Services will continue to promote peace and development across Sudan.

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