South Sudan: Preparing for Independence

CRS communications officer Kim Pozniak is reporting for Caritas on the advent of independence in southern Sudan. She filed this report for the Caritas blog:

When I arrived in South Sudan’s future capital Juba yesterday, the joyous preparations for independence were immediately apparent.

Landing at the airport, another passenger pointed out the newly installed lights along the runway to allow for night flights. Everywhere you look there are small signs of progress.

Driving along Juba’s bumpy, dusty roads, you see women cleaning the streets. Signs for the long expected independence have been put up along small storefronts, on crumbling walls and white washed tree trunks.

Spending my first day in Juba, I spoke with many people about their hopes and dreams for the new nation. I want to tell you about two of them.

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One Response to “South Sudan: Preparing for Independence”


    I still have a zeal to work in southern Sudan with crs.We liberated southern sudan in this long time war,in activite supplying and distributing of relief to internal displaced people camps in lobone,and acholi corridor area.It was a rough time especially during lra,and gos-period.

    I thank God for this liberation.


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