‘Slumdog’ Review Notes CRS Work in Mumbai

On Monday, CRS Communications Officer Liz O’Neill asked Jennifer Poidatz, CRS Country Representative for India, to comment on the film Slumdog Millionaire. Poidatz said that, whatever the films merits or drawbacks, it accurately portrays Mumbai slums.

India view

A very large slum area where families sort through garbage and recycle everything from glass to plastic to wire, to paper. Photo by Karl Grobl/CRS

In an article in Republican American (please note, article contains graphic discussion of treatment of child beggars), CRS India staffer Deepa Sundara Rajan, concurs with Poidatz assessment.

From the article: “The film, ‘is a pretty realistic presentation of the way the slums are,’ Deepa Sundara Rajan, of Catholic Relief Services in India, told me. The slums of Mumbai take up about 50,000 acres and most of those who live there are migrants, driven from their impoverished villages to the city of a million dreams.”

“Both Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children have posts in India, where its workers do not deny the obvious, but strive, as ‘Slumdog’s’ critics might, to improve the life of India’s estimated 200,000 child beggars, who make our recession look like a day on Easy Street.”

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