Singing, Sharing Mark 2 Year Anniversary in Haiti


Two children standing in front of a CRS-built transitional shelter in Haiti. Your support of Haiti is helping rebuild the country for the next generation. Photo Robin Contino/CRS

Robin Contino joined CRS in 2006 and worked in as the country manager in Nepal. She is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in responding to emergencies and trauma. After the earthquake, Robin was sent to Haiti to offer crisis intervention and support to all of our staff in Haiti. Since then, she has continued to support Haiti from headquarters and continues on as the Haiti advisor supporting CRS’ Haiti country program in all aspects of its work.

Robin sent this first-hand account of what it was like to wake up in Haiti on the 2-year anniversary of the tragic Haiti earthquake:

Its January 12, 2012 and I wake up to the sound of what I think is a mass loudly and passionately coming through the windows from somewhere down the hills from where I am staying in Peggyville. People are singing and sharing together. I can feel the deep compassion and its flowing through the streets.

This is my 8th trip to Haiti since the Earthquake, and every time I come I see change — real and significant change. And its amazing. You’re work and dedication is commendable beyond my words. People are moving and settling back into their neighborhoods, and they are grateful for the support of CRS staff and programs. You have uplifted lives and brought families out of unspeakable despair.

I encourage you to take a moment this day, and everyday, to remember those lost and to renew your commitment to supporting Building Haiti Better hand in hand with Haitians.

You Inspire Me and I am grateful for all that you do!



See how your support has helped Haiti rebuild after the earthquake 2 years ago.

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