Roadmap to End Global Hunger Launched In DC

Catholic Relief Services joined with a large coalition of more than 30 humanitarian organizations today in launching a Roadmap to End Global Hunger, a 5-year plan that lays out specific measure and programs that if enacted will dramatically reduce the number of hungry people in the world.

It emphasizes flexibility in using food commodities and cash to respond to emergencies, expands childhood nutrition and school feeding programs, and calls for a major investment in agricultural development.

CRS President Ken Hackett participated in the launch event this morning on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. “Hunger is a ruthless tyrant. It dictates that hundreds of millions of people around the world are slaves to the simple chore of finding food every day,” Hackett said. “In the face of this great challenge, this Roadmap lays out what we our government can do – must do – to do our part in reaching our goal of ending extreme hunger.”

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  1. Charles Evans Says:

    During the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering—FEB. 22-25—we’re posting news and regular updates for the Gathering: reports on the many international and domestic issue workshops and sessions, plenaries and guest speakers, and a report on Tuesday’s many Capitol Hill visits by Gathering attendees.

    General information about the Gathering is on the CSMG Web site:

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