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Reflections Upon Visiting in The Holy Land

This month, Catholic Relief Services has received a series of personal reflections from The Holy Land. These dispatches were written by participants in the Global Fellows program.

Each year, participants in the Global Fellows program are invited to travel to the developing world, to experience the plight of the poor and marginalized overseas. Upon their return, the Global Fellows are empowered to preach in parishes across the United States about social justice and peace around the world.

This year, they traveled to Israel and the Palestinian territories, to observe daily life in this difficult place.

Read these personal reflections from The Holy Land.

The Impact of Settlements
Fr. Paul Esser – Archdiocese of Milwaukee
Tale of Three People: Christians, Palestinians and Israelis
Fr. Don Lapointe – Diocese of Springfield, MA
Human Dignity for Both Palestinians and Israelis
Msgr. Joseph Ciampaglio – Diocese of Paterson
Walls Instead of Bridges?
Fr. Joe Muth – Archdiocese of Baltimore

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