Reader Question: What Motivates You to Work With Poor People?

From Richard Malaya: What motivates CRS staff to work for the poor and the need in society?

For me, there are various reasons: to be able to look back at the landscape of my life and see that I made a difference, that I contributed to something larger than myself, that I tried to leave the world a better place. In addition, doing this type of work resonated with something deep inside of me. I felt a pull, a calling to work with the poor.

– Ken MacLean, CRS Kenya country representative

In March, we invited you to ask questions of our staff. You asked really good questions. We’ll continue to post answers as they come in from staff around the world. And our invitation to you remains: if you have a question for our staff, please include it in a comment on any blog post and we’ll try to get answers as soon as possible.

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