Reader Question: What Do You Do to Relax After Work?

From Joe: What are you living arrangements like? What do you do for fun after your days work is done?

Thanks for your questions Joe. While many CRS field workers live and work in remote areas, a number of us live in highly populated urban settings. I live in Nairobi, Kenya, a bustling metropolis of 3 million people. The house I live in is surrounded by a lush garden—and the rustic couches on my back porch are my favorite place to relax. On weekdays, I try to go for a walk around my neighborhood after work or might meet some friends for dinner. Nairobi is so cosmopolitan that we can opt for pizza, a hamburger, an Indian curry or even sushi. On weekends, I recently joined a softball team so now I’m often on the field trying to hit line drives. When I first arrived though, I’d try to head out as often as possible on “safari,” driving a few hours away to a national park to see Kenya’s incredible wildlife.

– Debbie DeVoe, CRS’ regional information for East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

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