Reader Question: What Are CRS’ Tech Needs?

From Cynthia: Given the many challenges that CRS and other relief organizations are facing with various crises around the world, is there anything you are in need of in terms of technology or innovations that may better assist these efforts? I know money is the best contribution and can be universally applied to meet relief efforts. However, there are groups of people that are actively involved with “green” projects that may better assist with certain technologies for water production and agriculture. Do you agree, and can you provide information on specific technological needs?

Answer from Dennis B. Warner, senior technical advisor – Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources Development:

In the areas of water and agriculture, CRS often seeks out relatively-simple and low cost technologies that can be promoted in the poor areas of the developing world. Although there are many simple technologies currently available, there is always scope for improvements that can aid our work around the world. Some of the areas in which technologies can be coupled with “green” projects include drip irrigation methods, household water treatment processes, water pumping and water lifting techniques and solar-powered energy devices. CRS has recently published “Best Practices in Water and Sanitation” which describes some of these concepts.

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