Reader Question: How Do You Adjust From Privilege to Poverty?

From Olga: How to you insure that you are in fact working and living in solidarity with the poor you serve when you often come from a more privileged background as an international aid worker? What steps do you take to minimize the power differential that must exist?


Are these $6 shades too showy? Photo by Laura Sheahen/CRS

I work for CRS in Egypt, a country where the majority of people live in deep poverty. I’m based in Cairo but go to rural villages for work. Especially in the villages, I try hard to wear simple clothes.

I’ve been faced with a conundrum in that regard. Last year, my cheap $10 sunglasses broke while I was in the U.S. for a visit. I was short on time, so when I ran into a convenience store, I bought the first sunglasses that fit ($6).

As it happens, these sunglasses have little flecks of glass on the side meant to look like jewels. When I was back at work in Egypt, I realized that perhaps these bargain-basement plastic glasses would look swanky or gem-encrusted to some of the people we serve.

The problem is, these sunglasses haven’t broken the way a bunch of my other $10 pairs have. And Egypt is bright and sunny, so they’re still in my purse.

Do any CRS web readers have suggestions about my dilemma? Should I chuck the fake-jewels sunglasses for good?

– Laura Sheahen, CRS regional information officer, Europe and Middle East

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One Response to “Reader Question: How Do You Adjust From Privilege to Poverty?”

  1. ragamuffin Says:

    this is just my opinion, mind you…but isnt it worse to thow away a perfectly good pair of sunglasses? If the jewels bother you – why dont you cover them up with a little black paint or black nail polish. It coveres the jewels and you can keep the sunglasses you love to wear.

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