Reader Question for the New Year

How do you keep from being overwhelmed by all the deep needs of the world?

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10 Responses to “Reader Question for the New Year”

  1. Alex W Says:

    What helps me most is realizing that I can’t do everything. I tried that once, with disastrous results – so it’s much easier for me to let go of most things and hold on tighter to a few others. If I can’t do something about it, I don’t like talking about it. Talking about something I know I’ll never do anything about just gets me worked up for no reason, and drains me of emotional energy. I desire a stronger heart, a bigger heart that can make space in itself for the pain and hurt of the entire world – but until Jesus gives me His own heart, I need to remember that He’s the Savior of the world, not me.

  2. Robert Thoreson Says:

    God gave us stewardship only over a few things. I will try to use some of the resources at my disposal wisely by sharing. I am limited by what God has given me, so HE is in charge in a limiting way of what I can do to meet the world’s need. My best effort would be to convince others to also do a share of the burden. If we are all doing our small share the load would be manageable

  3. DHFabian Says:

    Focus. Focus on that area about which you have the best understanding and feel the greatest passion. My own focus is on US poverty, most specifically rural poverty. Build on your knowledge and, over time, connect with others who are similarly drawn to that cause. You can’t save the world, but you can do much to help individuals. And when you join up with others who are also motivated to work to reduce human suffering, a great deal can be accomplished!

  4. Don Jones Says:

    The words of Mother Teresa always help me from becoming overwhelmed by the world’s environmental problems and challenges. She said that she loved one person at a time, and eventually that one person turned into 42,000. I try to do the same when working on environmental problems in economically depressed places of the world. Focusing on the scope of the problem can be daunting and depressing, but by focusing on what is being done for an individual, family or small community allows me to experience positive results along with incredible humility, motivation, love and conversion of the heart. Focusing on an individual helps me keep it all in perspective.

  5. Len Powers Says:

    Pick one or two or more projects as your time and resources allow, and do them well. Pray for them every day. Get as personally involved as you can and get others involved.Does your parish have a project?The Carmelite Order has a huge project in Uganda,if you can find a Carmelite order place close to you, ask about feeding and educating the poorest kids there.Start a prayer group and/or a fund-raising program on a regular basis. Get your Youth Ministry involved, they love helping other kids. The Western Carmelite office is in Redlands, Calif. All the best, God Bless, Len Powers

  6. BonnieJ Says:

    I remember Mother Teresa’s quote about how most of us will not get to do the “great” things, but that all of us can do the smaller things with great love. Therefore, I focus on a few important places in my life where I can be of help and give my assistance in those areas.

    I also think about all the great blessings in my life, and that even the bad times have been, in the long run, blessings in disguise. I have learned from them, become more empathetic, and able to help others in similar situations later on. The scriptures also point out that to whom much is given, much is expected, or words to that effect.

  7. James F Says:

    I try to place it all in perspective. The only One Who was charged with caring for the entire world is our newborn King. Each of the rest of us are called to do what we can to alleviate suffering, but at the same time, God knows our hearts and our human limitations. Since only Christ could bear the weight of this world by Himself, we must look to Him and trust the rest to divine providence.

  8. Lisa Pinto Says:

    I keep praying! I do what I can, for example, buy Fair Trade, educate friends and family and colleagues, write to Congress, etc. But the best thing I can do is to lift the world’s problems to Jesus, I place them all in His Sacred Heart and Precious Blood. This Web site is fantastic because, for example, now we can all pray for peace in Sudan during the 101 days that the Bishop requested, and for the Tungsten miners in the Congo and for the foreign domestic workers vulnerable to exploitation. So, CRS please keep up the good work!

  9. Lois Harr Says:

    Like others, I have a quote (or two) that helps. One is attributed to Monsignor Romero – we are prophets of a future not our own…

    But as a Lasallian educator, the words of St. John Baptist De LaSalle have a special place in my heart:

    “Do not have any anxiety about the future, But leave everything in God’s hands For God will take care of you. Be satisfied with what you can do, since God is satisfied with it, But do not spare yourself in what you can do with grace; And believe that, provided you want it, You can do more with the grace of God than you think.
    Do not forget to thank God for all the blessings he bestows on you.”

    Consoling and challenging – just the ticket!

    Lois Harr
    Campus Minister, Manhattan College
    CRS Fair Trade Ambassador

  10. Medhanie G. Alene Says:

    I am grateful for all the comments posted here. They all seem to know well how to handle things. I don’t have my own experience to share, I am writing just to thank for those comments.


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