Reader Question: Family

What aspect of family do you cherish most?

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3 Responses to “Reader Question: Family”

  1. Joseph W. Gallagher Jr. Says:

    There is, perhaps, no other time of year when family life comes so well into focus. There are usualy victories and hardships in these nuclear relationships; but enduring family life through the Holidays is always worth it because it points to the crux of God’s plan- the family. The world instinctively wants to go “Hallmark” and lift the mothers of this society, and that is of course noble- but not always wise. After all, who bakes the Thanksgiving turkeys and the Christmas cookies? Who puts clean socks in the drawers and even folds them in an act of love? Only a Mom!

    My first instinct was to point out the indispensable role of fathers but quickly felt lead to go a mighty tier higher; and that is: to our Creator, Father God. I mean… Let’s face it, we live in a society where OVER fifty percent of of fathers are absent in some form or another- and I’m not just speaking of divorce.

    I cherish most: the way functioning families point to God. Sacrificing parents, generous understanding among the children and of course heaping portions of grace and forgiveness from all directions. Because, after all this is not the Martha Stewart doll house we attempt all of this in! Just, so long as it points to God and His plan, His love and His eternity, this is what I cherish most.

  2. Mary A Says:

    I cherish the love that flows among us. It manifests itself when one member needs help — one or more of the adult “kids” is always there with the aid needed. Get togethers are usually fun with great conversation and sometimes music.

  3. Bashana Says:

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