Reader Question: Dealing With Personal Emergencies

We often report on major worldwide emergencies. But how do you deal with the unheralded emergencies in your own life?

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8 Responses to “Reader Question: Dealing With Personal Emergencies”

  1. Jen R Says:

    I rely on my partnership with my husband. More often than not, we come out stronger in the end.

  2. Mary I Says:

    I’ve always had to draw on an inner strength when life sends its inevitable shock waves, even though I am married. Being an only child who lost both parents relatively young, there’s been no one who could ever support me at that level. I have wonderful close friends, but they have their own crises, so there are times when my Catholic faith is often the only sure thing I can cling to.

  3. Donna Says:

    Initially I go into autopilot, assess the situation and respond. Thankfully, we live in a country where resources are in place to aid in any emergency (medically, catastrophically, emotionally…) Afterwards, I ask “What is God trying to teach me through this? How can I give God glory in this? How can I pay it forward? I don’t want to waste the trial.”

  4. M.J. napoli Says:

    I cling and trust in the word of God which says, God can take any situation and make good come of it.

  5. lck Says:

    Pray to God and trust in HIm which is not always easy, but it is the best solution.

  6. Lola McGourty Says:

    People in my life–Number One–my husband of 38 years helps me. I have a current crisis with my 85-year-old mother, who is in hospice care, but is not dying “fast enough” for Medicare guidelines–what an awful situation. We will soon have to seek some dissolution of her assets to continue the care she needs. Our society does not reward longevity. My church and daily Mass is my other source of support. God gives me what I need when I need it.

    I have a wonderful priest friend from India. My family gave him his first USA Christmas 9 years ago. He hugged me last week when I was upset by being “chewed out” by an elderly woman in the Catholic hospital chapel. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, “I need you” (I usually read at the Masses). I have PTSD and was headed out the door to another church. He took care of the woman who is a general troublemaker (I feel sorry she is that way).

    I realized later that he was Jesus speaking to me through this gifted priest–the closest I have ever physically felt to Jesus in my life. It was awesome. Jesus said, “I need you.”

  7. john T Says:

    For the past 40 years my wife and I have developed a network of friends who agree that “we are all in this together”. Consequently, we share resources: housing, food, medical, professional services, and yes money when any of us are in need.

  8. Upendra Sontakke, India Says:

    I feel all above comments are important as these helps you in any emergencies if your inner belief is strong and you have faith in positive side you will come out of the situation. In any personally emergency family members and friends play a important role. In my personal emergencies I don’t hesitate to seek support from my well wishers and as I have worked in CRS emergency programs the response and preparedness both are always ready.

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