Quake Strikes Northwest China

On April 14, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck remote Yushu country in the Qinghai Province of the Tibetan Autonomous region, North West China. The early morning quake has claimed up to 600 lives and injured more than 10,000 people.

Caritas partners close to the epicenter report that 85% of buildings have collapsed, with the Jiegu Township worst affected. Five young students were killed when The Yashu Primary School collapsed and thousands were trapped in the rubble of schools, homes and government buildings across the province.

Eighteen aftershocks were recorded following the quake and survivors are now gathering in open spaces in fear of more tremors. The weather is not expected to hamper rescue operations, but it is feared that freezing temperatures and predicted sleet and showers will worsen conditions for those left homeless by the disaster.

The full extent of damage remains uncertain and all road access to the mountainous region is closed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with quake survivors and our Caritas partners in the region.

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